Investing in Marijuana Stocks

Investing in Marijuana Stocks

marijuana stocks

The marijuana industry is one most rewarding sectors for high-risk investors. The industry is growing quickly due to the increased legalization of the herb in several parts of the world. Consequently, several firms have expressed interest to partner with investors interested in this investment opportunity. For instance, the Canadian regulatory environment is slowly paving way for the legalization of marijuana farming, particularly for recreational use. In the US, several states have already legalized the growth and use of the herb for both recreational and medical purposes though it remains banned at the national level. Despite these regulatory developments, investment in this sector is still perceived as a risky undertaking due to the uncertainty that surrounds the legality of the herb in most parts of the world.

Marijuana has opened up the gates for innovation and entrepreneurship

Nevertheless the ever expanding marijuana industry has presented numerous opportunities for companies that wish to make products and explore innovative ways this herb can be developed. Currently, there are several companies that have invested in the marijuana industry though they do not directly deal with its products. Consequently, this has made it possible for people to invest in the marijuana companies without necessarily getting involved with distribution or farming of the herb. Therefore, people interested in investing in marijuana industry can consider the following business opportunities.

Opportunities that present themselves with Marijuana companies

1) Companies dealing with ancillary services and products: These are firms that produce products that are required in the marijuana processing. For instance, marijuana companies require laboratory equipment, such breathalyzer which is used in testing marijuana products. Moreover, an investor can invest in firms offering insurance to marijuana farmers and those involved in the product packaging.

2) Consulting services: These are companies that offer advice services about the regulations and rules surrounding different jurisdictions of marijuana. Such services could include operational and license services.

3) Marijuana farming technology: These are businesses that provide supportive innovation for developing equipment necessary to grow marijuana including lighting systems and greenhouse innovations.

4) Holding firms: It involves investing in firms that hold the majority of shares in the marijuana businesses. Such firms have a direct control over the marijuana businesses as they control voting and decisions of such businesses.

5)Consumption devices: They include businesses that manufacture products used in consuming marijuana.

6) Organic farms: These investment opportunities comprise of organically growing the herb and selling it to companies to be used for raw materials or selling to consumers directly.

7) Marijuana farming and retailing: These investment opportunities are the most common and involve planting or growing the herb.

8) Biotechnology: It involves investing in pharmaceutical firms that deal with the production of marijuana products for medicinal purposes.

9) Marijuana extracts and products: It involves investing in businesses that deal with selling products produced using marijuana such as drinks, tropicals, and edibles.

Therefore, marijuana offers investors with numerous investment opportunities. Investors with a high appetite for risk can invest in businesses directly linked to marijuana. However, some of these investment opportunities are indirect and thus can provide the risk-averse investors with the much-needed insulation against the high risk related to the marijuana industry.

discount brokerages

The Best Discount Stock Brokerages

The Best Discount Stock Brokerages

best discount stock brokerages

There are many discount stock brokerages in Canada these
days and its hard to compare them directly.

While each of the brokerages have different criteria, minimum balances,
and response times, there are many brokerages available. This means that you can get the best discount stock brokerages for your own unique situation.

Customer service is key

When comparing the different companies, take into consideration their customer service and response times. While some are available 24 hours a day, some aren’t. If you’re looking to have arapport with your adviser and communicate on a regular basis, CIBC Investor’s Edge is a great choice. With the most availability, you can reach someone day or night no matter what you need.

Low minimum balances are available

For those that are looking for the lowest minimum balance, Questrade is your best bet. With the minimum balance of only $5,000.00 across all accounts. For investors under 25 there are also no fees. With unlimited commission free ETFs, Questrade is a great option for the active investor.

Low fee funds

For those that are looking at low-fee funds, HSBC InvestDirect is your best option. With
over 4,000 low-fee funds there are many options to trade while incurring low fees. While the minimum account balance is $25,000.00, there is no online application to easily navigate your portfolio. HSCB InvestDirect encourages active communication and with the ability to trade globally, is a great option for established investors. It takes upwards of 35 hours to respond to customer inquiries though so if you need constant customer service or trade often, this isn’t the best choice for you.

If you’re just starting out

For the investor that is just starting out, Qtrade Investor is a great option. Qtrade Investor
offers no minimum balance for young investors who deposit $50.00 or more per month. If you don’t qualify for the young investors discount, you’re looking at $25,000 minimum balance across all accounts or two trades per month.  Qtrade’s customer service is also second to none with the best response time at 2 hours. If you’re new to investing or like to have your discount stock brokerage available to help with question on a regular basis, Qtrade is a great company.

Credential Direct is a great choice for long-term investors. With research, planning, and
analytic tools, you can customer build your portfolio to best serve your long-term needs. While normally available by chat, Credential Direct offers many low cost mutual funds which remove advisor commissions. Some of the many mutual funds include: Mawer, Series D, Blackrock, Beutel, Goodman BMO, Mackenzie, and Purpose. If you’re looking to make a plan and work that plan, Credential Direct is a great solution.

What are you’re goals?

While there are many different discount stock brokerages to
consider in Canada, the best way to make sure that you’re making the right
decision is to consider what you are trying to achieve. Are you a new or young investor just starting out? Are you specifically interested in low-fee funds? Are you looking for an
available partner to help you day in and day out? Do you prefer to invest in mutual funds?While each person’s circumstances are unique, there are many discount stock brokerages to help no matter what.


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